The Designer

" It's Not Just A Brand.. Its A Lifestyle"

Craig Deshawn Washington is a high-end street wear designer Born in Detroit Michigan on May 27, 1983 on the westside.

Currently lead designer and CEO of street wear Brand Top Notch NME. Before that, product design for various celebrities.


I have over seven years of experience designing products and have studied many fabrics and materials to insure we deliver the best quality to every consumer. I am known as a streetwear artist, but also as a street fashion artist—we do things that most people wouldn’t even think to do. I know that there’s a lot of stigma attached to streetwear, but I am aware of the fact that there’s an underground community of people who care about streetwear and their culture. It’s the only way we have a chance to do it justice.

I am a huge believer in the idea that fashion is a way of life, and that we can’t live it alone; that we have to work with one another, and support one another as well. It’s always been my goal to make the world better, and I think the world will always be better when we work together.

A lot of our efforts come from the community we come from. I got into streetwear because I'm passionate about the lifestyle, and I became a streetwear artist because I am passionate about our culture. It's something I’ve always wanted to do, and I’d love to continue to do.

I'm making street wear for the streets all over the world I wanted to make it easy to express my creativity through clothes, and make a difference. I’m trying to create a space for creative people to take more ownership of their lives, for people to be a bit more independent and to really embrace who they are. To take ownership of their story, their individuality, their happiness and their joy. I think that’s why I started working on my first collection, so take a walk with me as I show you the Underground world of street wear at it's finest!


My Contribution To Fashion

Work experience


I’m always working on something on the side.

With 4 shoes already in stores we are currently developing a new shoes to rival the ever so popular Top Notch NME V2's. With the new highly Anticipated shoe around the corner we are sure to raise the bar.

We recently finish our galaxy collection using space and astronauts as a metaphor for achieving your highest point of greatness which did very well. we have done everything from clothing to luggage and it doesn't stop there.

Clothing Design, Shoe Concept Design, Marketing and Development by me.

2017- Current

Top Notch NME

Role: CEO and Designer


Splash! Magazine

The Detroit Entrepreneur


2012 - 2015

Baker Collage