The Designer

 " It's Not Just A Brand.. Its A Lifestyle"

Craig Deshawn Washington is An American high-end street wear designer Born in Detroit Michigan on  May 27, 1983 on the westside.

Currently lead designer and CEO of street wear Brand Top Notch NME. Before that, product design for various celebrities.


Craig Washington is a talented and innovative fashion designer known for his unique approach to fashion design. With a passion for creativity and a keen eye for detail, Craig has made a name for himself in the fashion industry by combining traditional techniques with modern, cutting-edge styles.

Born and raised in the United States, Craig's love for fashion began at a young age, when he spent countless hours sketching and designing his own clothing. He later honed his skills at a prestigious fashion school, where he developed a keen understanding of textiles, colors, and construction techniques.

Since launching his Infamous fashion label, Craig has established himself as a leading figure in the fashion world. His designs have been featured in major fashion shows and have been worn by some of the most influential people in the entertainment industry.

Craig's approach to fashion design is characterized by his use of bold colors, unique patterns, and modern silhouettes. He takes great care in sourcing high-quality materials and working closely with skilled artisans to bring his vision to life.

In addition to his work as a fashion designer, Craig is also dedicated to giving back to his community. He regularly donates a portion of his profits to organizations that support underprivileged youth in the arts and is actively involved in various charity initiatives.

Overall, Craig Washington is a true visionary in the world of fashion, bringing his unique perspectives and innovative designs to the forefront of the industry.


My Contribution To Fashion

I’m always working on something on the side.

With 4 shoes already in stores we are currently developing new shoes to rival the ever-so-popular Top Notch NME V2s. With the new highly Anticipated shoe around the corner, we are sure to raise the bar.

   We recently finished our galaxy collection using space and astronauts as a metaphor for achieving your highest point of greatness which did very well. we have done everything from clothing to luggage and it doesn't stop there. 

  Clothing Design, Shoe Concept Design, Marketing, and Development by me.

2017- Current

Top Notch NME 

Role: CEO and Designer


Splash! Magazine

The Detroit Entrepreneur


2012  - 2015

Baker Collage