Craig D. Washington, CEO And Designer

Introducing Craig Washington, a self-taught streetwear designer hailing from Detroit, Michigan. With roots in urban streetwear, Craig is a driving force in shaping the culture of his hometown. He has collaborated with talented artists worldwide and brought a new wave of fashion to the forefront.

Craig is a true streetwear artist, constantly pushing the boundaries of conventional fashion with a blend of underground culture and style. He has been featured Reader's House Magazine, The Detroit Entrepreneur and interviewed by Splash! Magazine, making a name for himself in the industry. With a mission to connect cultures through fashion, Craig founded Top Notch NME, the leading streetwear brand bridging the gap between style and authenticity.

At Top Notch NME, we aim to provide a truly unique and authentic selection of streetwear clothing, offering top-notch quality at an affordable price. We are dedicated to supporting the fashion industry, providing the best possible fashion experience for our customers both online and on the streets.

Join Craig on his journey through the underground world of streetwear and take a walk with the finest in the game. Embrace your individuality, happiness, and joy with Top Notch NME. Contact us at or connect with us on LinkedIn, Link, and YouTube.

With a passion for the underground, Craig draws inspiration from a range of cultural touchstones, including street art, music, and of course, streetwear. He's also collaborated with the cream of the crop in the New York fashion and creative industries, further solidifying his reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the world of streetwear.

Craig is a self-taught designer, who began his journey back in 2017 with his first fashion collection. He's always experimenting with new designs, and his friends and family are a constant source of inspiration and support. With such a diverse and talented community of artists and designers in Detroit, Craig is confident that his city will continue to be a hotbed of creative innovation in the years to come.

Referred to as both a streetwear artist and an avenue-style artist, Craig is dedicated to doing justice to the streetwear culture. He believes that style is a way of life and that we must all work together to paint a brighter picture for the future. With Top Notch NME, Craig's goal is to provide a truly authentic and unique range of fashion garments for his customers, while also supporting the fashion industry to look and feel its best.

At Top Notch NME, they believe in offering their customers the best possible value for their money, while providing a first-class fashion experience both online and in the streets. With their mission to "bridge the gap between different cultures all over the world with one article of clothing at a time," Top Notch NME is leading the charge in the underground world of streetwear. Join Craig Washington on his journey, and experience streetwear at its finest! Get 20% off your first order with the code TOPNOTCHNYOU at Get in touch with Craig and the team at, and connect with them on LinkedIn, YouTube, and beyond.

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