Craig D. Washington, CEO And Designer

  Craig D. Washington

Born: May 27, 1983 

Nationality: American

Occupation: Fashion Designer, Author, CEO

Years Active: 2017–present

Known For: Streetwear fashion, Top Notch NME, Author of "Streetwear: The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Own Brand"

  Years Active:   2017–present

  Notable Works:   "Streetwear: The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Own Brand", "Mastering Streetwear Expansion"

  Awards:   Award of Literary Excellence from The Reader’s House Magazine (2024)

  Website:   Top Notch NME

    Early Life and Education

Craig D. Washington was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Growing up, he developed a strong interest in fashion and culture. Washington is a self-taught designer who began his journey in streetwear at the age of 13.


    Top Notch NME

In 2017, Washington founded Top Notch NME, a streetwear brand known for its luxurious yet affordable designs. The brand aims to bridge cultural gaps globally through fashion, leveraging connections to subcultures such as music, art, and sports. Top Notch NME offers a variety of products, including apparel, accessories, and luggage, with a focus on originality and exclusivity. The brand engages with its audience through social media and online platforms.

Design Philosophy

Washington's designs are characterized by their cutting-edge style and emphasis on community engagement, creativity, and individual expression. He draws inspiration from street art, music, and the broader streetwear culture, often incorporating bold, edgy elements into his work. His collections, such as the 'Cold Heart Collection,' showcase intricate details and a celebration of resilience and beauty.


Craig D. Washington is also an influential author in the streetwear industry. His first book, "Streetwear: The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Own Brand," aims to empower aspiring designers. He is currently working on a new book titled "Mastering Streetwear Expansion."

Recognition and Awards

Washington has received several awards for his contributions to the streetwear industry. Notably, he was awarded the Award of Literary Excellence by The Reader’s House Magazine in 2024, recognizing his exceptional contributions to literature and dedication to the craft of writing. He has also been featured in multiple magazines, including being on the cover of Splash! magazine's issue #44 and in articles in Reader’s House Magazine and Imperium Talent.

Personal Life

Craig D. Washington continues to innovate in the fashion industry from his base in Detroit, where he remains deeply connected to his community. His work emphasizes collaboration, authenticity, and inclusivity.

   Top Notch NME Website

   Craig D. Washington on Reader’s House Magazine

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